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"history lies before the eyes of the observer as a petrified, primordial landscape"  Walter Benjamin

Recent visits to Iceland have informed my current collection. The strangely addictive beauty of its other worldly landscape left a lasting impression. 

Ancient, petrified lava fields, and austere horizons of black volcanic rock, contrast dramatically with snowy white peaks, glacial tongues, and icebergs on a glacial lagoon that create constantly shifting vistas.

The monochromatic hues of Iceland’s stark terrain lend themselves to my work. The painterly exterior and trademark dribbled glaze reference waterfalls and landscape.

Some forms have become more sculptural. Undulating rims mimic horizons and meandering walls, pools of melting snow. This reflects receding glaciers and references climate change so clearly evident in the topography of the Icelandic landscape.

The porcelain paper clay Nail Vessels at the bottom of the page are part of my ongoing work.

See my Blog for Iceland photos.

MEANDER I. Hand built stoneware.

MEANDER I. Hand built stoneware.